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In the city center in Nusiceva street nymber 23, apartement number 8,on the first floor, has been adapted to beauty salon “ La Bellezza”, after whose services you come out more beautiful and satisfied with yourself. What you experienced there and how friendly the staff is, you will long recount… Beauty salon of the big city just for you is open seven days a week! Sundays from 12am to 6pm, on Mondays from 2pm to 8pm. On the other days doors are open from 10am to 8pm. Be the friend of salon and enjoy the discounts, taking the best of “ La Bellezza “ salon.

The salon has been designed and conceived to function on the principle of team work, which is our main trump and winning combination. “La Bellezza” professional team apart from showing knowledge and skills,will always give you good and right advice from various areas in hair and skin care, as well as anything else that is essential to beauty, health and good mood. Our team also has its professional associates in various areas that we consult or recommend for your needs. On our site you can see what services we offer, and find contacts through wich you can schedule your appointment and come to us. Regularly we organize various discounts through which we provide different benefits and that way we try to be maximally affordable.