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For those who come for the first time to us,and you are not from Belgrade or you are less familiar with it, we want to help you navigate and find your way to us. Nušićeva Street is located in the center of Belgrade and streches from Terazije Square to Macedonian Street where the newspaper “Politika” building is placed.It is not long street but it is parted into two parts and we are in the part closer to “Politika “ building. Seen from “Politika” building we are on its right side,or if you are coming from Terazije Square we are on the left side. Arrival by car is possible in two ways,down Mother Jevrosima Street or Nusiceva Street which is one way street to “Politika “ building.

NOTE: Across our salon there is one salon with the similar name, so please pay attention to our name “La Bellezza”. On the front door of the building is located the intercom panel with visible name of the salon at apartement number 8 on it, as well as a separate key ring for the salon. Salon is on the first floor.

Nusiceva 23/8 I sprat, Belgrade, Serbia
011/3221-663 | 011/3227-873 | 065/67-67-604